Research Question

What is the relationship between the United States Government and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

Blair, C. & Michel, N. (2007). The AIDS Memorial Quilt and the Contemporary Culture of Public Commemoration. Rhetoric & Public Affairs 10(4), 595-626. Michigan State University Press. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from Project MUSE database.

The trend towards public memorials underscored in this article indicates a lack of effort, deliberate or not, on the part of the United States Government. This can be used at evidence that the government did not take actions necessary to quell the AIDS epidemic.

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  • Can the US government be said to have a “culture”? I’m not so sure. You might find a more interesting line of inquiry in the idea of “public memorialization” as a culture in the US. Or as an aspect of US culture. What do you think about that? How would such a narrowing of the scope of this project change your research questions?

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