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4/3 Activity

The writer introduces her argument with an alarming statistic. The introduction is four sentences long. The author paraphrases when it would better fit the flow of her paper and quotes when she feels extra ethos is necessary. The author’s thesis is that Orange County has a serious dearth of affordable housing.


The introduction does a good job of describing Brian Cozart as a person. It also successfully acts as exposition for the author’s main topic. It could be improved by reducing redundancy in the first paragraph and fixing a minor grammatical error in the second sentence. The author cites an article describing the military’s policies on …

Tentative Research Question

Why did relatives decide not to reveal the full names of people on the AIDS quilt? “full name” “AIDS quilt” “NAMES project” “stigma” “For example, a number of the earliest panels carry only a first name, protecting the individual’s legacy or his surviving partner or family from the stigma of the disease or from …

Primary Source Description Instructions

-Detailed 500+ word essay -Panel or section of AIDS quilt -A primary source is an original document, creative work, relic, or artifact -Due Feb 16 -Record observations in writing -“Cultivate an awareness of the rendering of objective detail” -what/when/who/where/why? -Three digital images -Thick description -Competent, Credible, Complete

Genre Conventions

Book — -Grayscale -Serif font -Author -Wide spacing -Centered -Publisher information -Formal tone -Paragraph format -Cited sources -Notes at end -Headers and footers Blog — -Color -Sans serif -Formatted as a list -Images -No citations -Promotion of own social media -“Expanded version of Twitter thread” -Date and author at beginning -Social media links